Why Should You Choose Xinyueda ?​

Shenzhen Xinyueda Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading distributor of electronic components in China< The company is based in Shenzhen and Hong Kong and has been dedicated to providing customers with efficient, stable, and cost-effective services for 14 years. Its main operations include spot supply for brands such as Ruisa, Infineon, Xintang, Neusoft, ADI, TI, NXP, ST, Saiyuan Micro, Changdian, Fenghua, Guoju, Yateli, and Weimeng. Its products are widely used in fields such as automotive electronics, communication equipment, Internet of Things, medical equipment, and industrial control equipment< The company mainly provides stable and reliable supply of goods to end production customers, with a characteristic of spot supply of scarce materials. Xinyueda adheres to the principle of putting service first, adhering to original and authentic products, and adhering to honesty as the foundation. Every material guarantees the quality of the original factory and high-quality service.

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