Why Should You Choose Longhua ?

Longhua has been specialized in the production of horizontal cold chamber die casting machines, die casting machine accessories, die casting consumables since 1982 Over the past 33 years, our factory has successfully won the honors of ^ ^ Show house of Foundry Machinery Industry Standards ^ ^, ^ ^ Director Unit of China Product Quality Association ^ ^, ^ ^ Contract Abiding and Trustworthy Enterprise ^ ^, ^ ^ Import and Export Inspection free Products ^ ^, ^ ^ Anhui High tech Enterprise ^ ^, etc. Recording to incomplete statistics, as of December 10, 2013, Longhua die-casting machine has a domestic market share of 67.2% and an international market share of 39.7%. Our factory products the J11 series of horizontal cold chamber die-casting machines, which all receive computer aided optimization design (CAD/CAE) and opt the world’s advanced PLC computer control system The product design is reasonable, safe and reliable After 32 years of continuous research and development and innovation, Longhua die casting machine In 2008, our independently developed energy saving vacuum high speed die casting technology for the horizontal cold chamber die casting machine won the ^ ^ Anhui Province High tech Project Progress Award ^ ^ Longhua die casting machines are widely used in the deep processing of non ferrous metals such as automobiles, navigation, electronics, telecommunications, motorcycles, power supply facilities, household appliances, electric tools, and mopeds For 33 years, Longhua’s products have been exported to countries such as Brazil, the Netherlands, Egypt, South Africa, Vietnam, India, Russia, Iran, Iraq, Colombia, North Korea, Japan, Ecuador, etc. Domestic cooperative brand enterprises: Delixi Group, Dafu Group, Dongming Lighting Group, Daquan Group, FAW Group, SAIC Motor, Hongdu Group Jinwei Group, Liugong Group, BYD Group, JAC Group, Chery Group, Shifeng Group and other well known listed enterprises Longhua Enterprise Purpose: ^ Today’s Quality, Tomorrow’s Market”

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