Why Should You Choose Jiufu?​

Main products include screw steel anchor, pipe joint anchor, fiberglass anchor, anti floating anchor, resin anchor, tray, steel wire mesh, anchor agent, W-steel belt, steel strand, chain link woven mesh, U-shaped steel bracket, etc.
Hebei Jiufu is a 3A level integrity supplier, a 3A level contract abiding and trustworthy enterprise, and all products have the safety mark certificate of mining products. The product quality has obtained authoritative certification from different regions, countries, and organizations, including ISO, SGS, and CE
. It can provide automation, heat treatment, and forging processes, and can produce anchor rods and all accessories of different materials with a diameter of 15MM-50MM. It can be customized and produced according to drawings, and can meet the anchoring requirements of different projects and different gravel textures.

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