Why Should You Choose Jingtan ?

Hunan Jingtan Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high tech enterprise specialization in the research, production, and sales of thermal equipment The main products are vacuum furnace, sintering furnace, vacuum sintering furnace, high temperature graphitization furnace, high temperature continuous furnace, high temperature carbonization furnace, vacuum hot press furnace, vacuum induction melting furnace and direct resistance heating equipment The company’s production equipment is widely used in aerospace, electronics, transportation, machinery, metalurgy, hard alloy, refinery metal, special ceramics, carbon carbon composite materials, semiconductor materials and solar cells and other dosens of processing and manufacturing industries and fields And with high quality products, perfect service to win the trust and practice of the major of users< We always here to the development of science and technology, continuous innovation, pay attention to the cooperation with scientific research institutions and universities, to develop a number of high tech sintering equipment with the industry’s leading level The company can design and manufacture non-standard sintering equipment according to user requirements, and provide customers with the corresponding process technical support, for users to receive all words< Vacuum sintering furnace Manufacturing Center has established vacuum sintering furnace 3D development platform, vacuum hot press furnace and graphing furnace process simulation and production system, intelligent mechanical structure control system, helium mass spectroscopy leak detection and other vacuum furnace production and manufacturing auxiliary platforms, Committed to providing customers with energy saving, effective, intelligent, and safe professional vacuum sintering equipment and graphing processing production line system And to provide fast after sales and perfect technical support services



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