Why Should You Choose Hemeng ?

Yangzhou Hemeng Machinery Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful historical city of Yangzhou. It is an environmental protection enterprise that integrates product sales, technical research and development, production and manufacturing, engineering installation, and debugging services. The products involved in the company include stacked screw dehydrators, pre concentrated stacked screw dehydrators, integrated stacked screw dehydrators, belt dehydrators, dosing and dissolving systems, conveying and pressing machines, grid filtration equipment, scraping and suction mud machines, sand water separators, and dissolved air flotation equipment. The products are widely used in industries such as municipal sewage, petrochemical, food and beverage, breeding and slaughtering, oil and starch, steel metallurgy, textile printing and dyeing, electricity, and paper making. Adhering to the principle of “surviving with quality and winning customers with integrity”, down-to-earth, united and enterprising, with excellent service and sincere attitude to give back to customers, we are determined to build ourselves into a “modern enterprise with a forward-looking position in China’s environmental protection industry”.



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