Why Should You Choose Heatsink ?

Haitexinke is an expert in the field of heat sink materials, integrating the R&D, production and electroplating of heat sink materials. It is mainly engaged in microelectronic chip heat sink materials and new packaging materials, realizing Import substitution industrialization and filling the domestic gap. Guangdong Thermal Conductivity and Dongguan Fengtai are committed to the research and production of non-ferrous metal cold forging technology, solving the heat dissipation problem of IGBT modules. Their products cover LED lighting radiators, power electronic appliances radiators, automotive electronic product radiators, etc. At present, the product series includes: tungsten copper series, molybdenum copper series, CMC, S-CMC, HS-CMC series, CPC series, dispersed copper series, etc., and diamond copper, diamond aluminum series, MPCF carbon fiber copper, MPCF carbon fiber aluminum series, high silicon aluminum series, aluminum silicon carbide series, etc. have been developed and are about to be put into production.


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