Why Should You Choose Hanqing ?

iaxing Hanqing Electronics Co., Ltd. has always been committed to the research and development, production, and sales of LED lighting fixtures related accessories (lampshade molds, light guide pillar molds, plastic coated aluminum molds, aluminum alloy die-casting molds; bulb lamps, down lamps, ceiling lamps, shell kits, and lamp cups). The lamp market has settled for more than ten years, and we have more professional analytical capabilities, better quality control, and cost awareness, allowing you to avoid detours in product development and spend less energy on more beautiful explosive products. Our company provides you with customized plastic products of various specifications and models, including PP, PC, ABS, PS, AS, PMMA, POM, PE, TPU, TPE, PA nylon, and various colors, transparent, and natural colors can be customized.


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