Why Should You Choose Guangxin ?

Zhengzhou Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. has established long term and close technical cooperation relationships with higher education research institutions such as the Ministry of Metallurgical Industry, Beijing Design Institute, Tianjin Design Institute, Luoyang Refractory Materials Research Institute, and Guiyang Aluminum Magnesium Research Institute for many years It is a refinery material production enterprise that integrates scientific research, design, production, construction, and service The company products 138000 tons of variable types of refractory materials annually, widely used in thermal equipment in industries such as metalurgy, non ferrous metals, building materials, power, chemical, ceramics, and mechanical manufacturing Since its establishment, The company has always been brought to the principal of putting users first. Implement the enterprise policy of ^ ^ taking technology as the guide and stringing for survival through quality ^ ^. With the operation mode of ^ ^ scale collection, management science, market oriented operation, production specialization, and service deepening ^ ^, releasing on advanced science and technology, Excel modern equipment, strict process management and control, and perfect quality assurance system and control means, a series of refinery materials are produced. The company’s products are best selling in 29 provinces, cities, autonomous regions, and exported to countries and regions such as Japan, India, Vietnam, and France, achieving good economic and social benefits


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